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Our UX Strategy

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Week 1

Day 1

Understand your business and end user.
Screen by screen analysis.
Build quick proto-personas.
Identify the UX flaws explore the problem space
Suggest quick UX wins.
Prioritize critical flows or screens to set the final scope.
Competitor analysis.

Day 2

Benchmark to identify areas for improvement and explore alternative solutions.
Generate and shape concept ideas to bring your vision to life.
Explore visual elements to enhance the style of your UI designs.

Day 3 - 5

Craft low-fidelity wireframes for high-priority flows or screens requiring improvement

Day 6
(Validate & Define)

Design the final UI for high-priority flows or screens requiring improvement.
Build primary Design System on the way

Day 7 - 9
(Build Final UI)

Design the final UI for high-priority flows or screens requiring improvement.
Build primary Design System on the way

Day 10 (Deliver)

Time to review the outcome and remark next steps.
Get finalized UI assets and documentation to provide clear instructions for building the solution.

the outcome
You will get
order your UX elevator
Final UI implementation & interactive prototype
We will deliver a UI prototype for high-priority flows or screens and make it ready for development. Our design team will be designing 20 to 30 end screens to comprehensively cover the solution.
Documentation, resources
and knowledge base
We will provide you with a comprehensive document that includes wireframes, outcomes, assets, and prioritized recommendations for next steps. Additionally, we will share a .figma file that will serve as the basis for implementiation.

Fix UX issues

Identifying areas of improvement in a digital product is easy, but pinpointing the right UX pain points is crucial. Our team will expertly guide you through the discovery process, enabling you to arrive at the solutions that truly address your users' needs and enhance their experience.

Design remarkable UI

Craft an memorable user experience with an exceptional UI design, ensuring that your users feel positive emotions and satisfaction while interacting with your digital product.

Design users behavior

Your business goals can be achieved by aligning your digital product's user outcomes with your objectives. We design user behaviors that create positive experiences, enabling you to accomplish your goals efficiently and effectively.

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Our Services

Our Approach

Human-centered Design

At our core, we embrace human-centered design principles, which allows us to collaborate with product teams and lead positive changes in digital experiences.

Get remarkable results with a low investment

We understand the significance of your investment as a startup. Trust us to provide a high-impact, risk-free solution with actionable outcomes

Get remarkable results with a fixed investment

Have an in-house design team? We equip them with the tools to work autonomously. Our aim is to help you achieve an optimized digital experience, and we'll support you at every step.

our work

Recent cases

UI Concept & design for SUKU App
Optimize UX by redesigning 30 screens with an emphasis on UI improvements.

UX redesign to improve productivity
UPM (the largest plywood manufacturer in Europe) required more accurate timesheet data to enhance productivity and KPIs.
BH back-office implementation
Gym instructors wanted to optimize their time creating workout routines and provide more personalized attention to gym members.
Optimize the user sign-up process for Midinero
Identifying UX and technical issues reduced 70% of complaints about accessing the app, leading to fewer user pain points and increased conversions.
Conceptualization and UI Design for an MVP
Optimize management and visibility for multiple calendars.

Improve the experience of transferring money
Eliminate delays in the money transfer flow between users, making it as easy as sending a message.

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